Best 16-Inch Chainsaws 2021 Reviews

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One thing about chainsaw is that you would need more than one size as you progress both as a professional and a hobbyist. But, the most versatile and used size is the 16-inch.

It can cover both small and large woodcutting jobs with ease. They have enough power to cut down tough and huge trees and nimbleness to shape and maintain any light yard work and house building.

So, for such an amazing tool with so many different functions, we have decided to compile the Best 16-Inch Chainsaws from what the world of chainsaw manufacturers have to offer.

Best OverallBest BudgetEditor’s Choice
Worx WG303.1 CordedWEN 4017 ElectricGreenworks G-Max
Tons of features with long life and excellent performance. A powerful motor paired with a sharp chain makes cutting wood an easy chore.A big gun at an extremely low price. Whatever you will get, this chainsaw can give you the same at a lower price.One of the hardest titles to earn on our list, and this chainsaw managed to get it. Runs on a battery and chops through wood like wet mud.
ImageProductDetails  Price
1,Worx WG303.1Power Source: Corded Electric
Weight: 11 Pounds
Price: Moderate
Dimensions: 14.57 x 19.69 x 8.07 inches
Check Price
2 WEN 4017 Electric ChainsawWEN 4017 ElectricPower Source: Corded Electric
Weight: 10 Pounds
Price: Cheap
Dimensions: 31 x 10 x 6.5 inches
Check Price
3 Greenworks G-MAX 40V 16-Inch Cordless ChainsawGreenworks G-MAXPower Source: Battery Operated
Weight: 10.36 Pounds
Price: Moderate
Dimensions: 31 x 9 x 8.5 inches
Check Price
dewalt flexvolt 60vDEWALT FLEXVOLT 60VPower Source: Battery Operated
Weight: 12.2 Pounds
Price: Expensive
Dimensions: 10 x 35 x 9 inches
Check Price
5 Husqvarna 120 Mark II 16 in. Gas ChainsawHusqvarna 120 Mark IIPower Source: Gas Powered
Weight: 10.71 Pounds
Price: Expensive
Dimensions: 32 x 9.25 x 4.21 inches
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Best 16 Inch Chainsaws Reviews

1. Worx WG303.1 – Best Overall

Worx WG303.1 inch chainsaw

In the outdoor appliance market, Worx has been one of the leading brands. Its products almost always top the charts and perform exceptionally well under challenging conditions.

Their machines are benchmarked by new and old companies alike, and that says something.

Take Worx WG303.1 as an example. The number of features in it is astonishing and can be said to be the best. For starters, the Auto-tension system restrains the chain, bar, and motor from straining too much.

What this does is that it prolongs its motor’s life and prevents overheating. The auto-lubricating function keeps the chain slick and smooth.

The speed stays constant at 32 ft/s, and the indicator keeps you up to date on the oil level status.

Lastly, Worx always keeps the safety of its customers as its number one priority, and that makes it the Best Overall.

There is the chain brake that instantly stops the chain if the situation arises. The comfortable front handle allows a comfortable grip and lets you work on more challenging and stiff angles with ease.


  • Rubberized back handle keeps the hand at ease keeping it relaxed
  • The metal spike bumper eases the recoil
  • Chain break helps in avoiding accidents that new and amateurs may make
  • The cutting edge technology used by Worx makes every product last long


  • The oil leakage can be an issue

2. WEN 4017 Electric – Best Budget

WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw

One of the best chainsaws that you can get at such a low price. People generally avoid big and heavy-duty machines with a low price tag for fear of it crashing.

But, with WEN 4017 Electric, that is the last thing that you will ever have to worry about. It is our Best Budget product with all the necessary features one would usually look for in a chainsaw.

First, it is a light model and doesn’t burden the hand of the user. The lightweight also makes a lot of maneuvers easier to execute, and you can slice at more complex angles. The high speed of 44 ft/s also helps in making the chopping smoother and easier.

Also, if the chain gets dull and needs some sharpening, you can easily take it out without any hassle. The tool-free chain changes make removing and putting it back super easy.

The automatic oiling system keeps the motor and blade up and running for an extended period, and earn you back the money you invested within a month or so.

What’s more, is that you’d have only had to spend a relatively small amount of money even if you wouldn’t have any use for it for a long time. Having a good tool around never hurts.


  • Light in weight
  • Light on your wallet
  • Easy grips for better controls
  • Perfect for occasional users


  • The chain gets dull very quickly

3. Greenworks G-MAX – Editor’s Choice

Greenworks G-MAX 40V 16-Inch Cordless

You know what’s better than a good chainsaw? A good, long-lasting, and practical chainsaw. And, Greenworks G-MAX is just that and became our Editor’s Choice with ease.

Greenworks is not new to the top ten lists, and ours is certainly not keeping it in such high regard. The reason is the brushless motor that grants the chainsaw with more power and work-life than a typical chainsaw.

The torque and power release is also increased without increasing the wear and tear of the components.

Plus, the 40V Li-Ion battery gives you the required power anywhere and everywhere. The increased portability and reduced reliance on a power source that cannot be found everywhere is one of the main reasons it is recommended so heavily.

Another perk of having a brushless motor is the reduction of at least 70% in vibration that takes the practicality of this chainsaw up a notch.


  • Low kick-back to prevent hand injuries
  • Electronic chain brake
  • Low noise during operation
  • Single charge for a whole day or maybe more depending on your usage


  • Chain comes off the bar very often


DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V 16 inch chainsaw

Buying the products of a brand that has its own chain of equipment is one of the wisest choices you can make.

They‘ll go to the ends of the world to keep the customer loyal to them. One of the things done by them is the battery that fits every single machine made by them.

This saves the buyers a ton of money they could have spent on some other accessories. DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V is one of those companies.

This tool has all qualities in abundance and will accompany you to your work for a long time.

The motor starts at the simple pull of a trigger and doesn’t make much noise either.

The biggest advantage of having a battery-powered chainsaw is the reduced maintenance that takes more time than the job itself. The battery takes all of it out of the equation completely.


  • Up to seventy cuts per charge
  • A battery with two voltages
  • Low noise
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Bar tightening knob for better clamping force


  • It takes a lot of chain oil
  • High price has deterred many customers from buying it

5. Husqvarna 120 Mark II

Husqvarna 120 Mark II

The thing about gas-powered chainsaws is that they pack a lot of power. A gas-powered chainsaw like Husqvarna 120 Mark II is usually only required when the big guns are needed.

Reason being the fact that just the sheer power of 1.8 HP is more than enough to slice through everything without a hitch.

Despite the powerful operation, the kick-back is minimal, and the startup is nothing to waste your time on.

The fuel consumption is also something that you don’t have to worry about when using this chainsaw. The X-Torq engine keeps the fuel intake down along with the harmful gas emissions.

Lastly, this chainsaw can work with smaller and large bars, unlike other chainsaws, made for only one size.


  • Can tackle trees that are 10” and more
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Less fuel consumption


  • Pricey and problems with oil mixing
  • Very noisy

Buyer’s Guide

Cleaning the bushes, working on the unfinished furniture, or trimming a tree, all it takes is a right chainsaw.

But, the problem is that many people are unaware and can’t get themselves a suitable one that suits them perfectly.

This leads to dissatisfaction and sometimes injuries that can cause serious consequences. For that, we advise you to go to an expert or someone who is experienced in dealing with these big guns.

In the same way, you can read reviews written by professionals because, let’s face it, they are way easier to find and pleasant than a grumpy old man with a chainsaw.

You have to consider a few things before getting a chainsaw, and for your use, we have written extensively about all of them. So, please read them carefully.

1) Chain Brakes

When it comes to safety, chainsaws are hands down the most dangerous tools if an accident occurs. For that, all the manufacturers and brands installed chain brakes to eliminate any potential threat. The way a chain brake works is when the brake band is pulled through a lever.

This is the most common type of brake used. Then, there are the newer chain breakers that automatically activates when a kickback occurs.

These are called inertia chain breaks and doesn’t need any manual work.

2) Bar Length

The shorter the bar is, the easier it will be to manage and handle it. The length of the bar, or the blade as some call it, has to be 2 inches longer than the wood you are cutting.

This is to avoid the hard kickback when the tip of the blade makes contact with the wood.

The longer bar size allows you to make bigger cuts and finish the job more quickly. However, you have to sacrifice maneuverability.

The longer the bar length, the stronger the motor has to be, with which the risk and danger both increase.

If there isn’t any big job you are working on, then a 14-inch chainsaw will do, whereas a 16 to 18-inch one can be used for more tricky and more challenging assignments.

3) Motor

A motor is one of the most essential parts of an electrical appliance. And, even more so for a chainsaw. A powerful motor can be both good and bad, depending on how you handle it.

A stronger motor can help you cut through a tough tree with ease, but a kickback from it will be nasty.

On the other hand, a chainsaw with an average powered motor can be used by a novice. Still, it can’t power through anything tough or tricky.

So, choose depending on what you require around your house or workplace.

4) Automatic Oiling

If you want your machinery to keep working way beyond its predicted life, you have to maintain it like it’s your limb.

And, one way to it is to oil it daily or whenever it is required. Especially something like a chainsaw that works at high speeds and works under a lot of friction, which causes wear and tear.

Oiling takes a lot of time and kind of breaks the tempo. So some genius came up with the idea of auto-oiling, and now every company that makes chainsaws uses it.

Currently, there are two types of auto-oiling system-fixed and adjustable. The fixed one, you may have guessed, provides a constant and uniform supply of oil.

The adjustable, no rocket science here either, allows the user to set the flow rate as they see fit. If you work as a freelancer or don’t do a ‘fix’ kind of job, look for a chainsaw with an adjustable oiling system.

5) Tool-Free Chain Adjustment

Many people still fear using a chainsaw, and they are not wrong with their apprehensions.

The accidents caused by chainsaws are nothing short of gruesome, and most of them were caused by the chains that went loose and shot off the bar.

So, it’s imperative that you tighten the chain when necessary.

It’s just that tightening or loosening the chain is cumbersome, and some lazy person managed to find a way to get past all the tiring and time-consuming work.

The tool-free chain adjustment lets you adjust the chain as you see fit. This feature seems pretty straightforward, but it is anything but that.

The reason is when a chainsaw operates, there is a lot of vibration and jerks.

The friction also plays a significant role in it, and a chain too tight might break the blade, and a loose chain may slip off and cause some severe damage.

6) Warranty

A chainsaw is an expensive piece of equipment, especially a gas-powered one. They can cost a lot, and some can even send your wallet into a cardiac arrest.

Hence, it would be a colossal joke (depending on it’s not you who got it) if the product turned out to be defective or faulty.

Therefore, a warranty is crucial when buying something so expensive. The gas-powered ones have the least warranty time, whereas battery-powered chainsaws offer the most.

Choose according to your needs and don’t get swayed by the increased warranty time because chainsaws powered by batteries have the least amount of power and are not practical for heavy work.

Note: The order in which the factor appeared, have nothing to do with their importance and were written with no bias from the writer.

Each of the elements has its own significance and can’t be neglected at all.

Best 16 inch Chainsaws

Facts About Chainsaws That You Might Not Know

1) There are chainsaws that are especially made to cut stone and bricks. The only 2 differences are that they require water instead of oil to lubricate them and use diamond grit to keep them sharp all the time.

2) Chainsaws can be used underwater as well. They are designed in a way that every part is inside a pump including the engine.

There are tubes that are connected to it and through the hydraulic system rotate the chain. They are mostly used to salvage something from a shipwreck underwater or rescue teams.

3) The modern chainsaw was invented in 1929 by a german named Andreas Stihl. Now, it is one of the biggest brands and the world knows it as Stihl.

4) The strongest single user chainsaw has a 121.6cc engine. That is a lot of power and can easily carry a scooter without a problem.

It doesn’t mean that there aren’t more powerful chainsaws out there, but if you pay attention, we’ve mentioned ‘single user’, meaning that this is the strongest chainsaw a man can handle without hurting himself.

Frequently Asked Questions

An electric chainsaw is light and compact, making it easier to carry around. Although they lack in power that a gas-powered chainsaw provides, they make it up with their quietness.

They don’t emit any gas fumes that may hurt your eyes, and most of all, you don’t have to worry about mixing the gas and oil every now and then.

They are an ideal choice for light work around your house and can perform effortlessly when needed.

There different ratings that an electric chainsaw uses. It ranges from 8-amps that are the weakest to the 15-amps being the strongest, with 12-amps in the middle somewhere.

Actually, what an amp rating does is that it tells you the limit of the power a chainsaw can bring out without overheating the inner components. So choose wisely what you want.

There can be various reasons for that. For one, you might have overfilled the oil reservoir. Or the cap is not tightened enough, and the oil leaks through it.

Other than that, the oil can leak through the chain lining. This doesn’t happen often, but the filler cap may have worn out, causing the leakage.

A corded electric chainsaw can go as long as there is a power supply nearby. As for the battery-operated ones, they typically last for 30 minutes at least. Some of the better ones can go as long as 1 hour.

It depends on the tree’s size that you need to get rid of or turn into firewood. A small tree or bush can be dealt with with a 12 to 14-inch chainsaw.

That is mostly light and comfortable work and not much hassle. The max an electric chainsaw can go is up to, regardless of corded or not, are 18 inches. That should be enough to cut trees with medium width.

If you follow the recommendations, every time you refill your fuel tank, do the same for the oil one. A regular gas chainsaw uses one vat of oil for each vat of gas it burns.

But, for the electric chainsaws, all you have to do is keep an eye on the gas reservoir and fill it back once it goes down the bottom line.


And that will be the end of our article and we hope that you are able to find a chainsaw that suits you the best and can accompany you for a long time.

Chainsaws are a dangerous machine and have to be used with utmost caution. Never use a chainsaw without the protective gear, whether you are a professional or not.

There are numerous cases reported and the average number can go as high as 36000 injuries per year.

So, take care and stay safe. Adios!

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