10 Best Battery Chainsaw 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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You’ve been putting off yard maintenance and now it’s a mess. But it’s so much work, only if you had a chainsaw lying around.

So let’s get you the best battery powered chainsaw. Besides a subpar chainsaw doesn’t really have a nice ring to it.

The popularity of battery powered chainsaws have spread like wildfire since their inclusion in the market.

With all they offer against its main competitor, the gas powered saw, it’s no wonder homeowners love them. And you’ll love them too.

We have made a list of 10 battery saws refined from hundreds of chainsaws, so you know they’re something special.

So let’s get started.

Best Choice
Best Choice

EGO Power+ CS1400 Chainsaw.

Editor’s Choice
Editor’s Choice

WEN 40417 40V Max Chainsaw.

Best Budget
Best Budget

Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Chainsaw

ImageProductDetails  Price
1 – Oregon CS300Oregon CS300Specialty:Premium Best
Bar and Chain: 16-inches
Weight: 12.01 Pounds
check Price
2 - EGO Power+ CS1400EGO Power+ CS1400Specialty: Best Choice
Bar and Chain: 14-inches
Weight: 8.3 Pounds
Check Price
3 - Makita XCU03Z 18V X2 LXTMakita XCU03Z 18V X2 LXTSpecialty: Rugged Machine
Bar and Chain: 14-inches
Weight: 10.38 Pounds
Check Price
4 - WEN 40417 40V MaxWEN 40417 40V MaxSpecialty: Editor’s Choice
Bar and Chain: 16-inches
Weight: 12 Pounds
Check Price
5 - Litheli 40V Cordless ChainsawLitheli 40V Cordless ChainsawSpecialty: Chainsaw for Women
Bar and Chain: 14-inches
Weight: 11.7 Pounds
Check Price
6 - DEWALT 20V MAX XR ChainsawDEWALT 20V MAX XR ChainsawSpecialty: Most Versatile
Bar and Chain: 12-inches
Weight: 8.8 Pounds
Check Price
7 - BLACK+DECKER LCS1240BBLACK+DECKER LCS1240BSpecialty: Yard King
Bar and Chain: 14-inches
Weight: 8.3 Pounds
Check Price
8 - Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless ChainsawGreenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless ChainsawSpecialty: Best Budget
Bar and Chain: 12-inches
Weight: 6 Pounds
Check Price
9 - Worx WG322Worx WG322Specialty: Great but Cheap
Bar and Chain: 10-inches
Weight: 6.19 Pounds
Check Price
10 - BLACK+DECKER LCS1020BBLACK+DECKER LCS1020BSpecialty: Best for tight spaces
Bar and Chain: 10-inches
Weight: 7.59 Pounds
Check Price

Best Battery chainsaws 2021

1. Oregon CS300

On the top of our list is the one and only Oregon. For most chainsaws having an Oregon blade and chain is a selling point.

But Oregon makes so much more than just that. Regarding battery powered chainsaws, they have created an absolute masterpiece in the form of the CS300.

This chainsaw is built very durable and has a 16-inch bar and chain capable of sawing through any tree you throw at it.

It comes with a brushless motor and highly efficient battery that will stay with you till you’re done. It is surprising to see that the battery just being a 40v the CS300 saw can go head to head with any other 60v on the market.

Additionally, Oregon thought that wasn’t enough, so they added a cherry on top. This is the first cordless chainsaw that has a self-sharpening mechanism built into it.

You might forget chainsaws ever required maintenance. It’s a shame though, even with all that the pricing of the CS300 leaves most people looking for other options.


  • Has the best battery time out of all battery saws
  • Self-sharpening
  • Even weight distribution
  • Smooth cutting


  • Heavier than most battery saws
  • Very Expensive

2. EGO Power+ CS1400

Next on our list is a chainsaw from EGO. The name may sound arrogant, but you can be certain they have the quality to back it up.

Few could come up with reasonable complaints when used their products. That remains the case for the EGO Power+ CS1400.

Boasting a high-speed motor running up to 6300rpm, no tree will be able to escape being sliced through.

That sounds dangerous, no worries, EGO had also thought of this and installed a chain brake for added safety.

Although you do need to remember that while being a 56v it comes with only a 2.5Ah battery as standard.

That means if the workload is a bit mild, you might need to recharge it. And remember to keep an eye on the oil gauge.


  • Great Power
  • 14inch bar will allow for much more than just pruning and limbing
  • Chain Brake for accidental kickbacks
  • Ergonomic wraparound handle
  • Ergonomic wraparound handle


  • Expensive
  • Battery life is on the low sideBatter life is low
  • No chain brake
  • No auto-oiler

3. Makita XCU03Z 18V X2 LXT

Makita has always been known to create amazing products even if they may be on the expensive side. However, they don’t hold back when it comes to quality and customer satisfaction.

Makita products are built like a tank. This time they have done themselves one better, integrating the extreme protection technology (XPT) in their chainsaws.

Even more resistant to harsh weather than before. Unlike any other saw, the XCU03Z uses 2 18V batteries, providing you with all the power and battery life you need.

Additionally this saw has a tool free chain tensioner. And the automatic power off function helps reserve power upon operation delay.


  • Power equivalent to a 32cc gas chainsaw
  • Built to resist harsh conditions
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Power-off function on operation delay


  • Very Expensive

4. WEN 40417 40V Max

Here we have the star of the show, the WEN 40417 40v max Chainsaw. Boasting all of the good stuff you get with the “premium” saws.

But it must be known, just stating on the box and properly implementing it are two very different things. And much to our surprise it did not disappoint.

WEN’s chainsaw comes with a 16-inch Oregon bar and chain to let you cut that extra bit of width. Powering it is a 40V Max 4Ah battery which connects to a brushless motor maximizing efficiency and power.

It was especially delightful to see that even though this saw does not cost a premium, still doesn’t fall short on build quality, making this the best cordless chainsaw under $200, from our perspective at least.

And yes it does have tool-less chain tightening. No cords, no gas emissions, just you and your battery powered WEN and some tree felling.


  • Commendable power production
  • Good battery life
  • Comes with a chain brake and safety start
  • Good build quality


  • Comparatively heavy
  • Product warranty is shorter compared to others

5 – Litheli 40V Cordless Chainsaw

At the middle of our list we have a new 40V Cordless chainsaw from LiTHELi. This chainsaw is on a mission to make people understand a good chainsaw does not require you to empty your wallet.

Needless to say competitors were not happy when this beast came out.

The Litheli 40V cordless chainsaw is one of the best chainsaws for handling easy to mid difficulty on the market.

It has a 14-inch bar and chain allowing you to do that extra inch when you go tree felling. The battery may only be a 2.5Ah but with the brushless motor in place, it ought to do the job.

However, if the chainsaw ever has a kickback, push the chain brake forward. We think that this saw is perfect for homeowners that have a yard bigger than average.

This chainsaw will be of great assistance in the occasional limbing and pruning, felling some dead trees, and even cutting you firewood.


  • Has more than sufficient power
  • Brushless efficient motor
  • Great warranty claims


  • Battery runtime is low
  • Heavy

6 – DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw

How can there be a best tool list of any kind without including Dewalt. So we present to you the Dewalt 20V Max XR chainsaw.

An even more improved version of their Max lineup, which the company claims is more powerful and 33% more efficient than their MAX series tools.

However, before just going ahead and buying it because it’s a Dewalt, you need to know a few things.

The battery life of this chainsaw might very well be one of the best on our list. But that’s to take into account that this is a 20v saw, and so power will be affected.

Adding to fact that this is also a 12inch bar and chain.

Nonetheless, this saw retains its title as the most versatile. Having low kickback fine cuts, you can even use it for construction purposes.

Haul it out for you lawn maintenance and even cut up some trees. As long as the tree is of shorter or equal to the bar length, the Dewalt cordless chainsaw will make short work of it.


  • High capacity battery pack
  • Bubble level for precise cutting
  • Tool free tensioning
  • Minimal maintenance


  • Not fit for heavy work
  • Battery life button isn’t placed good


Battery powered or not, you don’t always need a big chainsaw. Not everyone has 1-2 acres of land to maintain.

Most homeowners just need a handy chainsaw that can help them in the periodic lawn maintenance and maybe some DIY projects along the here and there.

If you are one of these people the LCS1240 would prove to be a very useful companion. The tool-less chain tensioning will make sure you never cut with a loose chain again.

The 40v MAX lithium ion battery will ensure you get all the power you paid for.

Still, if you are thinking of cutting up trees with this chainsaw, understand that it has a 12-inch bar and chain.

Don’t target really thick trees. Additionally, if the tree is a little big the battery might give out before the saw.


  • Wrap around handle for maximum comfort
  • Auto lubrication system
  • Sufficient Power


  • Small battery
  • No Chain brake

8 – Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw

The Greenworks tools have always been the ones to define value. Let’s face it, no matter how tempting those features are, they, in the end are features you could do without.

That’s where Greenworks 40v 12-inch cordless chainsaw shines.

A chainsaw is used to saw wood, and the Greenworks does just that and it does so, wonderfully. With the 40v battery power won’t be a problem.

However, let’s be realistic, it doesn’t have brushless motor and the battery is only 2Ah. Sounds insufficient, huh. But surprisingly, the battery holds up pretty well. 

On the bright side, this saw weighs only 6 pounds with the battery. You can swing it around with just one hand (never do that!).

That means no tiring out from wood cutting. Just remove the “premium” and you get yourself a saw capable of handling all your work on a budget-friendly price. Now that is the best electric chainsaw.


  • Low kick-back bar and chain
  • Good power production
  • Tool-less chain tightening


  • No Chain Brake
  • Low battery runtime
  • No brushless motor, making the saw inefficient

9 – Worx WG322

The Worx WG322 is the best chainsaw you can buy for small projects. When you need nothing more than lawn maintenance and some limb trimming.

Nothing does it better than this. So why go for heavy and bulky chainsaws when all you need is the wg322.

Granted that the WG322 is only a 20v so it’s not the best where power is concerned. However, it only has a 10-ich bar, so mind the project on which you’ll use this.

Worx provides batteries with up to 6Ah for this saw, meaning runtime won’t be an issue.

The best this about this saw is that it can be converted into a 10-feet pole-saw. Although, you will need to buy the pole separately.

For homeowners and especially women that require a chainsaw for lightweight work, this is an amazing tool. It even has an automatic/tool-less chain tensioning system.


  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Automatic/tool-less chain tightening
  • Low kickback


  • Low power
  • Battery in box is only a 2Ah


Finally we have the cute and compact LCS1020B. Black Decker always makes products with great value.

Just consider this saw, the cheapest on our list and still has all “features” that make it good. For all its worth we can safely say that it is the best cordless chainsaw under $100.

The lightweight design makes it very easy to use. Additionally, with how compact it is you can reach tight spaces and cut with a level of finesse, the bigger bulkier saws can’t compare to.

Even with how cheap it is, it still has an Oregon bar and chain.

Although, the bar is only 10-inches, it should prove more than enough for most owners. If your needs are more than 10-inches look for something else.

If it’s alright, you just got yourself a great chainsaw with barely a dent to you budget.


  • Low kickback design
  • Wrap-around handle for better use
  • Chain tensioning is tool-less
  • Very cheap


  • Batter life is low
  • No chain brake
  • No auto-oiler

Battery Powered Chainsaw Buyer’s Guide

If you are still unsure of what cordless chainsaw to buy. First let’s learn a little about battery powered chainsaws. That’ll help you better understand your specific needs and aid in your purchase decision.

Bar and Chain

The very first decision that needs to be made when buying a chainsaw, regardless the power source is the bar and chain length.

If it is too big it can become a hassle and if it is too small it might not do the intended job properly. So what is the right length?

Honestly, it matters from person to person and from tree to tree. Battery powered chainsaws come from anywhere as small as 10-inches all the way to 18-inches.

Any bigger and you start encroaching the commercial sector where gas is king.

If your requirements are small, take for example minor pruning and limbing, anywhere from 10-14 inches should suffice. Then again it depends on the type of trees you have.

If your needs are a bit more say, your property has big old trees on it and you might want to cut up some firewood occasionally. Then it would be better to get a 16-18 inch bar and chain.

However, please remember that getting a bigger a saw does not mean it cannot do what the smaller one can’t and vice versa.

What differs between them is the time and ease of completing the work. Nevertheless, it’s always better to go by the needs rather than just all out.


The main attraction of any cordless chainsaw, the battery. Just like bar and chains, batteries also have variations in them. Let’s get right in to it.


The battery voltage of the chainsaw usually stated in the product title for it is a highlighting feature. These voltages commonly range between 20v – 80v.

Basically you can think of this as more voltage means more torque and more torque means better sawing. Though, practically there’s more than just battery voltage that decides how good a chainsaw works.

Theoretically, an 80v battery chainsaw would take quarter of the time to cut a piece of wood compared to a 20v saw. So just go and buy an 80v right? That’s all you need right?

Well, yes and no. Indeed and 80v would make short work of all the trees in your yard but that also means it will be bulkier, heavier and even more expensive.

Honestly, when it comes to using them, all of them work great. However, if it fits your bill go right ahead!

Battery Ah

Next you need to check the battery capacity or better known as Battery Ah, which states the max charge a particular battery can have.

The one disadvantage battery saws have over gas ones is that they are battery powered. Batteries come from 2Ah all the way to 8Ah.

Battery efficiency

In cordless chainsaws the batteries used are lithium ion ones. These are widely known to maintain their charge for extended periods of time while being powerful.

However, that can be considered old by now. Nowadays batteries – still lithium ion – are made more efficient and lasting than before.

These are called lithium ion MAX batteries and some companies have taken a step further ahead and call use MAX XR batteries. Each one is better than the last in terms of efficiency and power.

Customers that previously had gas chainsaw found great comfort in the easy to manage battery powered chainsaws. Yet, it still falls short from what they want the ideal runtime to be. For gas you can just add more and keep sawing.

Although, batteries in modern chainsaws have become more efficient and what not, but in the end they run out and need recharging.

If you brought spare charged batteries, great. If not, wait for it to charge again and only then can you continue.

Motor Type

Just like every other thing, you need to play close attention to the type of motor you have on your chainsaw.

For a long time electric chainsaws have used brushed motors which although work just fine. However, in terms of efficiency, they aren’t really up to par.

Now people use brushless motors that are at least 30% more efficient than their crushed counterparts.

Additionally, they even generate more torque on the same battery giving you more oomph to work with.

A lot of chainsaws still use brushed motors because they are cheap to produce to keep the product price low.

However, we believe within the next few years all of them will shift to brushless. That being said, brushed motors can still be considered great for the fact that they are more ideal for extreme conditions. So take your pick.

Frequently Asked Question

Corded electric chainsaws are in no way better or worse than cordless. Just that each of them have their own specialties that are liked by different users.

As it is stated, it is a corded chainsaw. If your yard is small it works but if it’s big you’ll need get an extra-long cable going through your yard.

Plus, it cannot work in areas where there is no electricity, with cordless you just charge batteries beforehand.

Depends. Battery aside many different things factor in like motor type, bar and chain length and much more to find out battery runtime on a chainsaw.

If you want a general figure, a 2.0Ah battery can be used for near 30min of continuous sawing before it runs empty.

Generally before you buy anything, try to look for the product’s reviews from the customers rather than company claims.

Try to look for critical reviews, that’ll tell you more about a product’s faults (if any). If the products is known to fail or has any other faults, look for something else.

You can ask around on forums and make sure to go through our comprehensive buyer’s guide.

Gas chainsaws have ruled the market for decades and are still preferred by lumberjacks for their runtime. But they still have many issues like noise, starting problem and more.

A typical homeowner would want something that works great and requires low maintenance, for which we recommend battery powered chainsaws.

However, it does not mean gas saws are bad for when it comes to sawing, nothing is better than a good gas saw.

If you bought a good powerful chainsaw from a reputable brand that boasts great reviews, you’re safe.

Generally these are built pretty rugged that can work under most conditions. Newer models are even waterproof and work in both hot and cold.

Remember not to overdo it and maintain you chainsaw and you’ll be happy.

It depends on the brand if their saws come with bar and chain pre-installed. However, most chainsaws come with bar and chain separate. They can be installed easily, as in most cases of battery saws the procedure is tool-less.

Battery chainsaws should work fine under cold temperatures because they don’t have the engine issues gas saws face.

That said, if your battery is fully charged and all, try changing to thinner bar oil for winter. Thicker oil works best for hotter days while thinner is best for colder ones. Also give your saw a complete cleaning.

This will help the saw run much smoother as it can easily get a lot of chips dust that may reduce the functioning.  

After you’ve filled the chainsaw with the required amount of oil, make sure to close the cap properly. Run the saw over a surface you can see.

If the oiler is properly working, chain will surface will have tiny oil splashes on it indicating its proper functioning.

Check if you accidentally overtightened the chain or left it loose, either could be the reason. If that is not the case, one by one check the chain, the bar and the sprocket for defects.

If the problem is in the bar and chain, it may be time to change them. However, if the sprocket is defective, check if the product is still under warranty and try to get it replaced by the manufacturer.

It is common for chainsaws to leak oil when hanged to store away, albeit only slightly. If it is forming a puddle of oil when you store it, look for possible leaks on the chainsaw near the oil compartment and the auto oiler.

Try to get the saw replaced, if possible. Even so, try to take out some of the oil when you decide to store it. Loosen or even remove the oil cap to reduce pressure build-up within.  

Yes, they do. Gas chainsaws has difficulty working inverted because of gas being gravity fed and the engine was built to work upright.

Battery chainsaw however, need not be limited by this for batteries can provide power regardless of which direction they are in.

Any motor oil will work just fine for chainsaws. Though, keep in mind if the weather is hotter where you live, using thicker oil would be better.

Similarly for colder areas using thinner bar oil would allow you chainsaws to work better and increase the longevity of the bar and chain.

No, regardless of battery size, the saw will run the same. For any saw, its speed and power are decided during their manufacturing.

The different battery sizes that fit your chainsaw only affects the battery runtime depending upon how much Ah it has.

Under no circumstances should you use your chainsaw without oil, unless of course you intend to destroy is.

Without bar oil, the bar and chain will start to prematurely wear and tear fast, forcing you to change them ahead of time.

And if you keep working like that even the sprocket might get damaged eventually rendering your chainsaw useless.

After tightening the chain, pull the chain outwards from any spot. If it’s firmly stuck to the bar, which would be over tightened.

If you can pull the chain more than half inch from the bar, it is loose. The chain should come out slightly after you pull it and go right back in place.

A battery powered chainsaw compared to its equivalent gas powered model filled with gas should be much lighter.

This is because a gas saw has many parts involved unlike battery cordless that only has a battery.

Detecting a dull chain is super easy. The chain starts sawing visibly slower, and produces uneven cuts. The saw will also start producing sawdust rather than chips during operation.

If the condition is worse, it will smoke even with it having bar oil and proper tensioning. If you face any of these, it’s time to give the chain a sharpening or even replace it.

Bar oil is a must for chainsaws, regardless of its power source. Bar oil has nothing to do with the different power sources.

It sole purpose is to lubricate the bar and chain to keep them from premature wear. Not using oil might lead to bar and chain going bad and even your chainsaw internals might get damaged.


Hopefully, you found one of the saws on our list interesting and are on your way to buy your best battery powered chainsaw. But do remember to wear protection as well.

Cordless chainsaws have proven themselves to be great under many circumstances, making most homeowners switch to them from gas powered models.

Gas power saws are loud and need a lot of maintenance while the battery saws are almost free of maintenance.

Battery saws are mainly intended for home use, chopping up some firewood and maybe throw in some construction work.

They aren’t commercial grade and weren’t designed for lumber jacks to use day in and day out. But who’s to say, with how technology’s advancing that might change soon.

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