Best Chainsaws Under $200-Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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Choosing the right and the best chainsaw in a moderate amount is also tricky; that is why we bring the best chainsaw under $200.

Low-budget chainsaws are more credible for those living in the forest and are sick of cutting the woods with ordinary saws and are unable to buy the chainsaw as they are expensive.

If you are a chainsaw hunter and looking for a new best, and affordable chainsaw with all the new features, this article will sort out all your problems, and you will find the best one for yourself.

Here you can easily go through table for your convenience as shown below;

ImageProductDetails  Price
1 Gas Powered ChainsawRemington RM4216 Rebel Gas ChainsawSpecialty: Editor’s Choice
Fuel Type:
Gas Chainsaw
19.19× 12.44×12.5 inches
Weight: 22 pounds
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2 Oregon CS1500 18 in. 15 Amp Self-Sharpening Corded Electric ChainsawOregon 570995 CS1500 Electric ChainsawSpecialty: Self Sharpening Electric Chainsaw
Fuel Type:
Corded Electric
18×37.5×10.5 inches
: 12.6 pounds
Check Price
3 WORX WG304.1WORX WG3041 Electric ChainsawSpecialty: Electric Chainsaw
Fuel Type:
Electric Corded
20.6×14.6×8.1 inches
: 11.3 pounds
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4 Ryobi P546 10 in. ONE+ 18-Volt Lithium+ Cordless ChainsawRyobi P546 Cordless ChainsawSpecialty: Cordless Chainsaw
Fuel Type:
Battery Powered
15×10×10 inches
: 7.48 pounds
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5 DEWALT 20V MAX XR ChainsawDewalt DCCS620B 20V Max XR Cordless SawSpecialty: Cordless Compact Chainsaw
Fuel Type:
Battery Powered
25×9×9 inches
: 8.8 pounds
Check Price

10 best chainsaws under $200

1. Remington RM4216 Rebel Gas Chainsaw:

Gas Powered Chainsaw

Dependability and durability are two crucial factors in catching everyone’s attention towards them, and the Remington Products are more durable, engineered by experienced workers.

This chainsaw features a 42cc engine having an adjustable automatic oiler. It has a sprocket-tipped 16 inches chain bar with a low kickback.

QuickStart technology and a 5-point anti-vibration system with cushion wrap handles make it easier for you to use it.

The automatic oiler keeps the chain in good condition and is easy to maintain with tool-free access to filter and spark plug.

Stored in a severe case, it provides more protection to the chainsaw and becomes easy for you to carry.

RM4216 is a lightweight chainsaw that is easy to use and is maneuverable. After looking at these incredible features and high-quality material items best in every class beating other products behind.

  • Cushion handle for comfort
  • Durable engine
  • 5 point anti-vibration system
  • Automatic chain oiler
  • Tool free access to filters
  • Parts are made up of plastic

2. Oregon 570995 CS1500 Electric Chainsaw

Oregon CS1500 18 in. 15 Amp Self-Sharpening Corded Electric Chainsaw

A chainsaw that comes next to the first one is Oregon 570995 CS1500 he all-in-one chainsaw full of all the safety features to avoid any mishaps or casualties.

A lightweight chainsaw that is easy to use and is fully secured, the best choice for beginners and professionals.

It has an 18 inches Guide Bar and PowerSharp chain to minimize downtime by allowing you to sharpen your chain right on the saw in 3 seconds or else. You do not have to wait for it or bother too much to start it as it starts instantly.

Built-in Lubri-Tech oiling system oils the engine on its own by reducing the chain friction and increasing its functional capability.

 Easy to use as it is already assembled, requires less attention towards its maintenance, and less noisy while cutting. It makes low vibration and has a molded handle to carry it easily.

  • Integrated chain brake for safety
  • Elegant design
  • Have all safety features
  • Powerful engine
  • Low maintenance
  • Chain is hard to put on
  • Smaller cord

3. WORX WG3041 Electric Chainsaw

WORX WG304.1

Buying the best chainsaw for under $200 is difficult; everyone gets tired of looking and finding the most suitable chainsaw.

Cheap chainsaws are nothing more than a headache; they waste your money and time. Here comes the lightweight WORX WG3042 electric chainsaw; lightweight, easy to use, and maneuverable.

WG3041 has an 18-inch bar and 15 Amp motor output delivering an exceptional service with a powerful and high-speed cutting to the extended bar.

A patented auto-tension chain system prevents over-tightening and stays at the correct tension after several uses.

Built-in automatic oil lubrication and an oil reservoir with window level indicators keep you up to date with oil levels and maintain the chain to work smoothly.

It has a low kickback bar and has a built-in chain brake for safety. This chainsaw is already assembled, needs a kick to start, and ready to go.

  • Built in chain brake
  • Low kickback bar
  • Oil level indicator
  • Automatic oil lubrication
  • Maneuverability
  • Leakage of oil after few months

4. Ryobi P546 Cordless Chainsaw

Ryobi P546 10 in. ONE+ 18-Volt Lithium+ Cordless Chainsaw

An excellent chainsaw with new modifications makes it two times faster and better in cutting than its previous version. Its 10 inches bar is perfect for pruning and light limbing.

For easy and faster chain lubrication, it has one push-button lubrication system to extend the lifetime of the chain. 

Onboard tool storage makes it easier for you to carry it with all the safety tools to help you in inconvenience. It has side access chain tensioning for easy adjustment.

It is a lightweight item with a battery-powered long-life battery for more prolonged usage. Flawless design chainsaw for light use with more safety features.

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5. Dewalt DCCS620B 20V Max XR Cordless Saw

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw

A cordless chainsaw has to be robust with an ergonomic design and cuts the wood handily with great speed to save your time, and the Dewalt DCCS620B is perfect to meet all of your needs.

It has a compact, lightweight battery with 9pounds of weight for maximum user control.

Dewalt chainsaw has 12 inches of bar and chain with low kickback for construction and outdoor cutting applications.

It has a powerful, high-efficiency brushless motor of the battery-powered chainsaw to maximize its runtime and motor life. Its fully charged battery on 4×4 pressure treated wood can work up to 90 cuts.

Dewalt chainsaw has a tool-free tensioning and a bar tightening knob for proper bar clamping force. It has a chain brake for protection and safety to avoid kickback by assuring complete security.

6. Husqvarna 967861936 240 Model Chainsaw

Husqvarna 967861936 240 Model Chainsaw

A chainsaw is specially designed according to your format as it is easy to use and value for money. It has a compact luxurious design chainsaw that is light in weight and maneuverable with unique features.

It has all the safety features, including low kickback and safety break, to reduce the chance of mishap during operation.

Built-in automatic oiler delivers a steady supply of oil towards the chain for its proper and effective functioning. It’s simple tensioning system allows for quick adjustment of its parts during working.

An exclusive X-Torq engine is preferable as it reduces the consumption of fuel and gasoline emissions.

Husqvarna 16-inch chainsaw is ideal for those who want a low-budget chainsaw for their home use, like tree pruning or firewood cutting.

7. Poulan Pro PR4218

Poulan Pro PR4218

An environment-friendly chainsaw with all the modern features to blow your mind is the Poulan Pro PR4218.

This chainsaw is user-friendly and has brought a revolution in the chainsaw industry with its outstanding characteristics.

It is built with OxyPower technology offering better fuel efficiency by making its engine more potent with 70% fewer emissions than the other chainsaws.

To minimize the maintenance of Pro PR4218 and reduce wear, it has automatic gear-driven oil that lubricates the chain and bars all the time.

Built-in superior air cleaning filter system makes it eco-friendly by filtering its emissions and reducing fuel consumption.

It has a spring assist pull cord with an accessible purge bulb that ensures its fast startup with few cable pulls.

Advanced Anti Vibration system and soft handle allow you to use it comfortably and lower the vibrations.

Integrated storage with snap lock cover provides easy tool-less access to the chain tensioning tool anywhere.

8. Blue Max 6595 Gas Powered Chainsaw

Blue Max 6595 Gas Powered Chainsaw

Suppose you want a residential chainsaw to maintain your home garden with simple functioning and budget-friendly the try the Blue Max 6595 gas-powered chainsaw.

All the features you want for your ideal chainsaw include an automatic chain oiler, chain tension adjustment screw, CDI ignition system, and many more.

Blue Max 6595 has an 18-inch bar and 45cc single-cylinder 2-stroke engine. It is balanced with anti-vibration and a soft handle for maximum control and minimum fatigue to work for a long time.

With the chain brake, it features a low kickback for more safety.

Blue Max chainsaws have proven to be the leader of chainsaws regarding quality, performance, service, and budget.

9. OppsDecor XP2300 58cc Cheapest Gas Chainsaw

OppsDecor XP2300 58cc Cheapest Gas Chainsaw

It does not matter how strong you are when it comes to using the chainsaw; even the strongest man can get fatigued, so it is a must for everyone to buy a chainsaw with less vibration to work for a long session.

OppsDecor XP2300 is the best for you as they are more reliable and durable for long-term usage.

Easy Start System has an easy to use knob that helps to start after a few pulls.

OppsDecor has a 58cc 2-stroke motor that delivers excellent power and high efficiency by reducing fuel consumption by or for your ease and comfort; it has a front and back handle which lessens the vibration.

This chainsaw has Assisted Starting System and Quick Stopping Control through a soft and ergonomic trigger for the user’s safety.

Air filter systems and automatic chain oilers extend the life of chainsaws and make them efficient all the time.

10. CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Chainsaw

CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Chainsaw

With a versatile and lust design with lots of safety features and the best option for those who love trimming the plants in the garden.

Craftsman V20 chainsaw is part of the V20 cordless system and versa track wall organization system.

V20 chainsaw has 12 inches of a bar and a 4.0Ah high-capacity battery for long-term usage. The bubble level on the chainsaw shows the precise and balanced cutting of the wood at the same level.

Built-in auto oiling system and tool-free tensioning minimize the maintenance. To charge the battery, it has a special V2 lithium-ion charger, and with a fully charged battery, it is capable of up to 60 cuts per charge.

Points to Ponder Before Buying A Chainsaw:


The most important thing that you keep in mind while buying a chainsaw is its objective, for which you want to buy it, like for regular use at home or as professional usage.

Engine Efficiency

For proper working of the chainsaw, it must have the most efficient engine that will last for long without any problem.

Bar Size

Long bars have high chances of kickback and are not safe to use; you need to be a professional; that is why always look for the short or average bar size that is safe and easy to use.


The portability of these chainsaws matters before buying them because if you are purchasing a chainsaw for woodland, then a gas chainsaw is the best option.

If you are buying it for your house, then electric chainsaws are preferable.

Material Quality

Low quality and cheap material are not much reliable as they last for a short time, and there is no guarantee provided with them compared to the high-quality substance made item.

So, a high-quality chainsaw is a good option.

Best chainsaws under $200


Features play a vital role in making the item unique and best among the others. Especially safety features in chainsaws should be kept in mind and check its features whether it is safe to use or not.


When you look for your ideal chainsaw, check their features and other stuff first, then look at its price if it is in your range with all those features, then grab it immediately.

Things to Don’t Fall A Prey To:

There are some points/things that you must keep in mind before buying the chainsaw to avoid any scam which are as follow;

  • Design – Usually, people look at the layouts of these chainsaws and fall prey to them as they are composed of cheap material.
  • Size – Most of us prefer long-size bar chainsaws, which we think work faster, but they are riskier as they have a higher chance of kickbacks.
  • Price – Never buy a low-priced item without looking at its features and reviews because they do not work correctly and are only a waste of money.
  • Used Chainsaws – Always try to buy the brand-new thing which is more reliable and is guaranteed while on the other hand used chainsaws have defects which may injure you or even could be fatal so be careful.


What is the best gas chainsaw worth the money?

Remington RM4216 Rebel Gas Chainsaw is the best chainsaw worth the money. This chainsaw is the best budget automatic chainsaw with an oiled system.

This machine has a powerful and effective gas engine. The effortless, immediate start system also brings this chainsaw to the top.

How to unflood a chainsaw engine?

The engine can be unflooded by resting the machine for 20 minutes; the open cab of the motor will let the excess fuel vaporize. Try the same process again, and then you can begin.

How long can a chainsaw run on a full tank?

The running time of the chainsaw varies; accordingly, it depends on the storage capacity of the fuel tank along with the condition and efficiency of the engine.

The run time also depends on the amount of work you use.

How much chainsaw costs?

The price of a chainsaw usually depends on the quality of functioning. The high-end chainsaws can cost from 400$ to 600$ based on their credentials.

These chainsaws are used to cut down large trees, and these chainsaws can be used for extended periods. The other chainsaw is the low-end chainsaw which can cost from 200$ to 400$ depending upon its specs.

These mid-range saws are best for small works like cutting woods for fire purposes.

When to replace Chainsaws?

  • When the drive links of the chainsaw are burned, and it is not adjusting in the bar correctly.
  • It would be best if you replaced the chainsaw when the external links of the chainsaw are broken. This can cause severe injury if ignored.
  • The chainsaw asks for replacement if the chainsaw has been sharpening two to three times.

Why does the chainsaw pull and cut to one side?

Certain conditions pull and cut chainsaw to one side some of them are;

  • The cutter can get damaged by rocks and related complex objects. So, it is essential to remove all the things before using a chainsaw.
  • The depth gauge settings of the sides must be equal; otherwise, the chainsaw will pull or cut to one side.
  • The difference in the top plated angles of the sides is also a reason why the chainsaw pulls to one side. The maximum plate angles must be equal.
  • The worn guide bar. The bar in badly worn condition will cause the chain to only cut from one side.

Why does the chainsaw start and then die?

There could be several reasons why chainsaws suddenly stop working. Some of them are;

  • The most common issue of chainsaw stop working is a fuel shortage.
  • Over time, the fuel consumption increases sometimes, and the fuel also needs a change.
  • In case of fuel failure issues, when the complication is not resolving even though after trying, then you must consult an Authorized Service Center.


Everyone cannot buy expensive chainsaws as some of the costly chainsaws are also not good enough, and they do not last long.

Hence, getting the best chainsaw at a reasonable price is the best choice, but for that, you have to go through all of its features, specs, and other essential factors as mentioned above to get the best product that will last for a long time without any problem.

Find the best one for yourself among the saws mentioned above, and do not forget to take the safety measures before using it.

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