10 Best Pole Saw 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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A good chainsaw will make your life so much easier. However, if you need something specialized or for a very specific job in mind, then you’re in for a surprise.

Pole chainsaw is one sub-category that is easy to handle and is a great addition if used properly. Best suited for elevation based work, it can be a great addition to your arsenal for creative endeavors.

Hence, it’s very important that you get only the best pole chainsaw if you want to reap those benefits. To get you started, here are my two premium picks, followed by a comparison table. Let’s get right into it!

Premium recommendation
Premium recommendation

TrimmerPlus PS720 The TrimmerPlus PS720 is my premium choice for all type of users out there. perfectly made, sturdy, and ready to do the job, this is one model that you don’t want to miss out on!

Budget friendly pick
Budget friendly pick

Sunseeker MFT26I-PS-AA   The Sunseeker MFT26I-PS-AA is my budget-friendly choice for you all. Easy handling and easy budgeted, this model goes the extra mile packing the same punch in half the cost!.

Comparison table

ImageProduct gDetails  Price
1-TrimmerPlus PS720TrimmerPlus PS720 (Premium recommendation)Weight: 3.43lbs
Reach: 12ft
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2-Greenworks Cordless Pole SawGreenworks Cordless Pole Saw (Premium follow-up recommendation)Weight: 8.36lbs
Reach: 8ft
Check Price
3-Sunseeker MFT26I-PS-AASunseeker MFT26I-PS-AA (Budget friendly choice)Weight: 5.29lbs
Reach: 5ft
Check Price
4-Greenworks 40V Cordless Pole SawGreenworks 40V Cordless Pole Saw (Best for homeowners)Weight: 11lbs
Reach: 6ft
Check Price
5-Powerful Gas Pole ChainsawPowerful Gas Pole Chainsaw (Best for professionals)Weight: 16.5lbs
Reach: 11ft
Check Price
6-Worx WG323 Power Share Cordless Pole ChainsawWorx WG323 Power Share Cordless Pole ChainsawWeight: 10.3lbs
Reach: 12ft
Check Price
7-Sun Joe SWJ806ESun Joe SWJ806EWeight: 5.5lbs
Reach: 9ft
Check Price
8-MAXTRA 90-180 Degree Head Adjustable Pole ChainsawMAXTRA 90-180 Degree Head Adjustable Pole ChainsawWeight: 27lbs
Reach: 11ft
Check Price
8-MAXTRA 90-180 Degree Head Adjustable Pole ChainsawSunseeker MFT26I-PS-FA Universal Pole SawWeight: 6lbs
Reach: 7ft
Check Price
10-Morocca Milwaukee New 49-16-2720 M18Morocca Milwaukee New 49-16-2720 M18Weight: 7.09lbs
Reach: 9ft
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Best Pole Chainsaw 2021

Getting to the crux of the matter, I have now briefly reviewed all the models that I have mentioned in the table above.

To help you better decide, I’ve also highlighted the main features, pros, and cons that might make it easier to settle on a model. Without further ado, here are the top 10 pole chainsaws of 2020!

1. TrimmerPlus PS720 (Premium recommendation)

The TrimmerPlus PS720 is my premium choice for all of you out there. one of the best that the market has to offer these days, this is what I like best about it.

Starting off with its ease of handling, the TrimmerPlus PS720 really sets itself apart owing to its simple make and use. This makes it optimal for beginners or people just starting out.

However, even with that said, I think this model can still crank out a decent performance and can be used by professionals for around the clock use. Honestly, that bit’s entirely up to you.

Another thing that I really enjoyed and appreciated was that the model was pretty low-maintenance, so I didn’t have to go out of my way to set things right.

Overall, I think that is what makes the TrimmerPlus PS720 such an exciting and interesting choice for everyone out there.

However, there are a few small things that deserve attention before you make the final call.

I found that making the undercuts were a little challenging because the heads are non-articulated. So I’d suggest you keep that in mind.

Another small thing was that the teeth at the bottom of the head were a little fragile.


  • Great choice if you’re starting out
  • Easy to handle and move about with
  • Cuts fast and quickly
  • Handles thicker and heavier limbs with ease


  • Fragile teeth at the bottom of the head
  • Non-articulated head makes undercut hard
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2. Greenworks Cordless Pole Saw (Premium follow-up recommendation)

Next up, I’d like to introduce my premium follow-up choice if you didn’t like the former. Smart and complete, the Greenworks Cordless Pole Saw has everything it needs to be a good choice. Here’s more!

A unique thing about this model that I enjoyed was that it required less maintenance, particularly due to its self-coiling.

Not only did this made the whole job more convenient, but it also made it easier for me to focus more on the task at hand rather than worry about hold-ups.

I also found that the assembly and disassembly were pretty straightforward and didn’t require any particular skill set. So overall, I’d call it a good model that can definitely cut and hold its own.

However, there were a few things that I noticed that the average user might have trouble with.

The first was that the lock-out switch was a little sturdy and harder to pull back, especially if you’re wearing a button. I’d recommend you acquaint yourself with that first before starting the job.

Another thing I found concerning was that the Greenworks Cordless Pole Saw uses bar oil pretty quickly, so you’re going to need to stock up.

However, if that’s something you’re not in the mood for, there are definitely other models to consider.


  • Assembles/disassembles easily
  • Well-balanced and sturdy frame
  • Gives good battery timing
  • Allows free movement due to cordless setup


  • Uses oil pretty quickly
  • Sturdy lock-out switch

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3. Sunseeker MFT26I-PS-AA (Budget friendly choice)

Moving on to my budget pick for you, the Sunseeker MFT26I-PS-AA is a great choice to consider. But before we get into the details, I have to clear out a few things first.

The Sunseeker MFT26I-PS-AA isn’t a chainsaw in itself and is rather an attachment that you can use for jobs.

What that means is that this model is compatible with a handful of normal chainsaws, and working together, you can get the best of both worlds if attached properly.

Since you can’t use any normal apparatus for this job, I thought I’d go the extra mile and introduce you to an option that allows you to invest wisely and bank on what you already have.

As far as performance and reach are concerned, the Sunseeker MFT26I-PS-AA definitely does not disappoint and can actually help you get a good amount of work done if heeded to properly.

The construction is pretty durable, all while packing a frame that is portable and easy to move around with. So overall, this is a great choice.

I did, however, find the instruction manual for assembly to be a bit off, and I think the manufacturer could have done a better job with that.


  • Can be used with a multiple of chainsaws
  • Allows for easy assembly
  • Excellent choice for branch trimming
  • Comfortable to move around with


  • Doesn’t come with good instructions
  • Misleading label

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4. Greenworks 40V Cordless Pole Saw (Best for homeowners)

The Greenworks 40V Cordless Pole Saw is my favorite choice whenever I’m referring a model to homeowners!

There are several reasons why I think this model makes an excellent choice for homeowners. Here are a few from the top of my head.

For starters, the Greenworks 40V Cordless Pole Saw is awfully easy to get the hang of and use. Since its maintenance is automated, it’ll save you the routine checkup as well.

On top of that, I also found the contraction and lengthening bit quite easy to deal with, which makes it a suitable choice if you’re looking for easy handing as well.

Another benefit that easy handling provides is portability, so I personally think the Greenworks 40V Cordless Pole Saw covers all the basics needed to be a regular household appliance.

On the contrary, however, I did find a few things that you might want to take a note of.

The battery life is the Greenworks 40V Cordless Pole Saw isn’t that great, and I’d recommend you keep a spare around if you intend to get a great deal of work done.

Plus, I found the battery a little hard to remove. I’d recommend not going in soft. Yank it out!


  • Can be moved around pretty easily
  • Has a moderately sturdy frame
  • Allows for oil check without removal of the tank
  • Has a very lightweight frame


  • Batteries are hard to remove
  • Not durable in term of battery life

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5. Powerful Gas Pole Chainsaw (Best for professionals)

If you’re a professional and want something reliable that can get virtually all types of jobs done, then the Powerful Gas Pole Chainsaw is the ultimate choice for you. here’s what I like about it!

Starting off with its excellent reach, the Powerful Gas Pole Chainsaw ensures that you’d never have to worry about not being able to reach any branch ever again.

This will help you save equipment cost and allow you to get work done with minimalist tools. On top of that, the engine power ensures you can get through thick branches with easy singular cuts.

Another thing that I noticed which made the whole model quite nice was that the engine was easier to start and have control over.

What I mean by that is that the vibrations and other mishaps chainsaws are notorious for, those things were missing. So overall, I think that’s a great combo to have.

There were, however, a few noticeable things you should take care of.

The bag, even though it’s a new addition, isn’t that good. I’d advise you to keep a spare around just in case.

Another small thing is that the adjusting screw mechanism is a little flimsy, so keep your eyes on that before starting a round of cutting.


  • Has reduced vibrations
  • Features a very long reach
  • Has an easy pull start
  • Bag allows for easy portability and travel


  • Flimsy adjustment screw
  • Portable bag can tear easily
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6. Worx WG323 Power Share Cordless Pole Chainsaw

My first feature on this model that can hold its own based on aesthetics, the Worx WG323 Power Share Cordless Pole Chainsaw is a reliable choice that I’d recommend for all users out there!

The model features a pretty good reach and is notably different from other models based on two main features; it’s auto chain tension and auto chain lubrication.

Both crafted to perfection; I found this model pretty easy to handle and deal with. The ergonomic handle reduced fatigue and vibrations, and coupled with its excellent power, I was able to get a good amount of work done.

Another interesting thing was that the saw that comes with this frame can be separated easily as well, and you can effectively use it as a mini-saw to have a more hands-on approach to the cutting.

Nonetheless, I did also have some reservations.

The major con that I found with the Worx WG323 Power Share Cordless Pole Chainsaw was that its battery didn’t last that long. I had to keep a spare, and I’d advise you to do that as well.

Plus, I’d recommend that you don’t use the full extension feature provided because the torque might make handling a little hard.


  • Can provide a very long reach
  • Has reduced vibration
  • Ergonomic handle makes handling more comfortable
  • Isn’t as loud as other models


  • Full-extension can be a little hard to handle
  • Battery isn’t that long-lasting

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7. Sun Joe SWJ806E

The Sun Joe SWJ806E is arguably one of the simplest models in the list and is awfully easy to use and handle.

The best thing about this model, which I cannot emphasize enough, is that it’s perfect for homeowners.

Since it’s convertible, you get the best of both worlds. The detachment is pretty simple and doesn’t require any technical finesse, so you’re in for a comfortable time.

Plus, due to its lightweight and frame, I also found it awfully easy to maneuver around. Overall, this makes this model a great prospect.

Keeping all these things in mind, I’d highly recommend that you go with this choice if you’re a beginner and are just starting out.

Furthermore, if you’re planning on shooting two birds with one stone, I’d again suggest that you go with the Sun Joe SWJ806E.

However, before making the final judgment, note that there are a few mishaps that you need to be on board with.

The first is that the Sun Joe SWJ806E is a little fragile, but not in the traditional way though. It won’t hold up its own against other models, but can still get household-based jobs done.

Plus, the model doesn’t have an instant blade stop feature. So be careful around it!


  • Very easy to move around with
  • Corded power source allows unlimited use
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Allows for conversion between traditional saw and pole saw


  • Lacks a few safety measures
  • Not as sturdy as other models

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8. MAXTRA 90-180 Degree Head Adjustable Pole Chainsaw

Here’s a model that would put the other to shame.

The MAXTRA 90-180 Degree Head Adjustable Pole Chainsaw features revolutionary technology that will make cutting so much easier for you.

The most effective of these include its head adjustment. With the MAXTRA 90-180 Degree Head Adjustable Pole Chainsaw, now you can change the angle of how the head approaches the branch.

Not only will this make cutting so much easier, but this small feature will also allow you to tackle so many different jobs with ease.

On top of that, the model also comes equipped with virtually everything you’ll need to get stuff done. In my books, that’s a win-win.

The only little downside that I noticed with the MAXTRA 90-180 Degree Head Adjustable Pole Chainsaw was that the tension screw for the chain is of mediocre quality and doesn’t work that well.

Other than that, this is a pretty good choice, and I’d highly advocate for it if you need something that offers an out-of-the-box approach towards gardening and forestry!


  • Includes all accessories for easy use
  • Produces minimum gas waste after use
  • Provides greater cutting capacity
  • Can be used for a multitude of jobs; versatile


  • Chain tension is hard to adjust

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9. Sunseeker MFT26I-PS-FA Universal Pole Saw

As we approach the end of the list, I thought I’d reintroduce you to one of the simplest yet effective models you can get these days.

The Sunseeker MFT26I-PS-FA Universal Pole Saw is a great choice if you’re a beginner and need something that is easy to handle.

Owing to its lightweight, the most attractive feature that I enjoyed was that I never had to worry about bracing or moving around. it’s got a pretty good grip that allows me to have control over its movement at all times.

I found the Sunseeker MFT26I-PS-FA Universal Pole Saw was able to deal with limbs with diameters up to 6 inches, which I think is more than enough for the novice user.

Overall, I think this is a pretty good pick, and I think you should give it a shot if you need a pole chainsaw that isn’t too flashy and delivers just as well.

The only minor downside that I didn’t appreciate was that there wasn’t any adjustment option for the oil flow to the chain.

This made the operation a little messy occasionally, and I would’ve appreciated the whole idea more if this part was properly attended to.

Note: this model is an attachment and doesn’t include a saw.


  • Very easy to use and move around
  • Doesn’t require that much maintenance
  • Can easily cut through medium thickness branch
  • Has a durable frame


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty work
  • Doesn’t allow for oil adjustment

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10. Morocca Milwaukee New 49-16-2720 M18

The last feature on my list, the Morocca Milwaukee New 49-16-2720 M18, is also an attachment.

You might be wondering why I’m mentioning attachments as opposed to the whole package. The main reason for my affinity here is that I believe that these attachments can actually help make your life so much easier.

My first argument for that is that you’ll be able to disconnect your saw whenever you want, and can effectively reap the benefits of both worlds.

Furthermore, pole saw attachments require less maintenance and are a great way to get into lawn maintenance without sighing up for the frequent issues that arise when working with pole saws.

As far as performance is concerned with the Morocca Milwaukee New 49-16-2720 M18, I can assure you I didn’t find anything bad or noticeably off-putting.

The model allowed for easy handling and moving around, which I think is all that matters when you’re working with attachments rather than the complete saw itself.

However, I did notice that the bar oil container had a few leaks. Though this isn’t that much of a big deal, things can escalate pretty easily if they’re left unattended to.

Other than this, I think the Morocca Milwaukee New 49-16-2720 M18 is a great choice to go with, and I think you should definitely give it a shot if you’re looking for a reliable extension attachment!


  • Comes equipped with all the setup material
  • The instruction manual is quite helpful
  • Allows for simple maneuverability
  • Easier to get the hang of


  • Bar oil container leaks
  • Can be used with a particular brand saw only

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Buyers guidePole Chainsaw

When settling for the right pole chain saw for yourself, a handful of things need to be considered heavily before making the final call.

In this segment, I’ll take you through the main things that I consider of the utmost importance. Furthermore, keeping these in mind will also help you better assess what model would work best for you and what wouldn’t.

As a precaution, I’d advise that you use these tips unilaterally as opposed to using them separately. This will ensure that you get the best bang for your buck.

Now let’s get started!


The first thing that you should consider is the type of pole chainsaw you’re after. a good rule of thumb to assess this bit is by asking yourself the purpose of why you’re getting a chainsaw.

Furthermore, to help make your decision easier, I’m going to highlight the three main types of pole chainsaws, their respective advantages/disadvantages, and why it might be a good choice for you.

Gas-powered chainsaw

Starting out with the most famous choice of the bunch, gas-powered pole chainsaws are pretty famous. The main reason for this is quite simple and is as follows.

Generally speaking, the standard chainsaw will help you get the bulk of the jobs done. however, when you cross a particular height threshold, you’ll need assistance to get the job done.

This surge in height is almost always related to an increase in the landmass, which points towards applications in regions of dense and intense vegetation, or forestry.

For this reason, gas-powered pole chainsaws are quite popular among professionals or individuals who have significantly bigger lawns to maintain.

They provide a multitude of benefits to the user, which include things such as more power output, higher RPMs, and generally a better affinity to cut through thicker branches.

On the contrary, though, there are also many downsides that make the whole ordeal unsuitable if you need the pole chainsaw for low maintenance work.

This is because gas-powered engines are loud and heavy, so if you’re not fully committed to it, it’s not a good idea to get one.

Battery Powered chainsaw

Battery-powered pole chainsaws, or the famous cordless chainsaw, are the most common type you’ll see in the suburban household.

As the name implies, they draw their power from a rechargeable battery and can work up to a particular time-frame.

There are many benefits and pros associated with battery pole chainsaws, which make them an interesting choice if you go down that road.

The main one is that, of course, there’s no cord or anything involved.

This makes portability so much convenient. You can take this pole chainsaw wherever you want without any limitations of distance or accessibility.

Another benefit that this provides is low maintenance. Since the most you’ll have to do is keep the blades sharped and the batteries charged, you’ll save yourself a lot of time down the road.

Furthermore, battery-powered models are also so much easier to use. All you’ll have to do is engage a button and you’re good to go.

This framework doesn’t include the intricate pulling mechanism that is used on gas models.

However, there are a few downsides associated with this model, as well.

The most important one to consider is that tough or persistent use might result in the battery running out quicker than anticipated, which might mean that you’ll need a spare with you at all times.

Corded pole chainsaw

Last but not least, we have the corded pole chainsaw.

This type of pole chainsaw is suitable for virtually all type of applications. If you’re a homeowner and need something for once or twice a month maintenance, I would highly recommend that you go with this option.

The main reason for that is its lightweight frame. Since corded chainsaws don’t have to include a gas tank or a battery pack, they’re quite light in comparison with other models.

This makes transport and portability so much more convenient and will save you the hassle and trouble of moving from point A to point B.

Another interesting benefit that they have is that they’re quite low-maintenance and don’t require that much attention to detail when it comes to gearing them up.

These factors, when considered in conjunction, make them a pretty good choice for occasional use.

The only downside you’ll experience is that your movement might be limited by the cord length, so best to plan ahead before a trim session!


The next most important thing I’d suggest you look into is the reach of the pole chainsaw.

What this means is actually quite self-explanatory. After carefully assessing the type of work you’d be doing, get a model that has a pole length/extension that can comfortably cover that distance.

Remember, there is a multitude of models that are currently available in the market. the goal isn’t to get something that has a greater pole length – it’s to get something that you can comfortably handle and which can get the job done for you.

Another thing to remember is that if you’re a professional, I would recommend getting a model with a greater reach that you can handle with ease.

This will allow you to tackle as many jobs as feasible, without looking for replacements.

Best pole saw


The last factor to look into is the weight.

The reason that I feel this is important is that the weight of the pole chainsaw will dictate how comfortably and easily you can handle the whole frame.

Since the weight attribute and its subsequent handling is more subjective, I would recommend that you look into a model that you can comfortably handle overhead for an extended period of time.

Furthermore, also make sure to look into the handle design. It’s a win-win for you if it comes with ergonomic grips and handles, making things such as wrist and forearm pain a thing of the past.

How to use a pole chain saw

Using a pole chain saw is a pretty easy process once you get the hang of it.

However, just to be on the safe side, let’s go over the essentials one more time. Remember, different models work differently. But the general principle they follow is pretty much the same.

Here’s an outline you should commonly adhere to!

Clean the area

Start off by clearing the area where you intend to move around. this includes attending to anything that can be damaged by branches from falling.

Furthermore, make sure that there aren’t any trip hazards. You should be able to move around without any worries.

Plan ahead

This step is pretty underrated, but I would highly recommend that you give it the attention it deserves.

Before going for the cuts, inspect the tree/branch carefully and plan where you intend to make the cut.

Furthermore, assess how you’ll proceed from point A to point B. this will save you the hassle and trouble down the road.

Lower branches

Before cutting higher up, make sure to cut the lower branches first.

There are many reasons for this.

The main reason here is to give you clear access to the higher branches so that you can comfortably work your way through them.

The second reason is to give the branches a clear path to fall down rather than getting stuck in the branches, which can be hard to deal with separately.

Best Pole saw

Position yourself

Stand towards the side and not directly underneath the branch.

This requires proper foot position and bracing so that you can easily handle the vibrations produced, and are in a strong position to relocate quickly if you have to improvise at any stage down the road.

Place the saw

The next step includes placing the saw.

Normally, this is something that’s quite self-explanatory, but there are a few reasons why this should be mentioned.

The first reason is that you can’t simply just pull the trigger and go all in. before making the cut, you need to have a proper assessment of where you want to make the cut.

Always remember, a cut that is badly placed can easily result in a catastrophe that you didn’t sign up for.

Take as much time as you need for this step. Just make sure that you’re certain of the placement and that it will produce the desired output.

Start off slowly

After the perfect placement, start the motor slowly. Don’t go all-in within the first couple of seconds.

Secure and cut!

Once you’re absolutely certain that the first few rounds have made a proper cut in the branch, you can now secure the pole chainsaw in that cut.

Once secured, now you can unleash the full potential of the machine and then work it up from there.

After you’re done, turn the motor off and carefully retract the length of the pole, and you’re good to go.

Things to keep in mind when using a pole chain saw

Using a pole chain saw is a little different from the standard chainsaw. Yes, the principle is essentially the same, but the way of getting there is a little different.

Hence, it’s fair to say that you’ll need to be careful here as well. Now, I’ll take you through the main things that you should heavily consider and focus on when using a pole chain saw.

In other words, refer to this as a safety guideline.

Let’s get into it!


Maintenance is super important when working with pole chainsaws.

Whenever you’re starting, make sure to check that the relevant gears and machinery is well oiled to prevent any unnecessary friction.

Furthermore, make sure that any other small faction that needs attending to is looked after properly for proper maintenance.

Branch types

Looking into the branch type and the prevalent condition is a very underrated aspect when working with pole chainsaws.

The first guideline here is to always make sure that you don’t cut anything directly overhead. Thanks to gravity, there’s a decent chance that it will fall straight onto you, so it’s best to approach things from a distance.

Another main thing is to make sure that you assess the type of wood you’re dealing with and if the surface is wet or dry.

Remember, different wood requires different orientations for handling. Best to have that base covered before you damage your chainsaw!


For all the novice users out there, make sure to always cut at a 45-degree angle. This ensures that the cut you make is even and gets the job done.

Power lines

When it comes to overhead safety, one thing that you should seriously be careful about is power lines or any relevant wiring in the region.

This is more applicable if you’re a professional worker or deal with areas of dense vegetation in urban or suburban settings.

It’s better to have a general layout in mind before beginning; it’ll save you a lot of trouble.

Best Pole saw


When working with chainsaws, it is always recommended that you maintain a distance of at least 5m from anyone in your immediate vicinity.

When working with pole chainsaws, I’d recommend cranking that number up a little because, in the event that your 10ft pole falls down by accident, the last thing you should be worried about is having anyone around you.


Never work when you’re tired. Period.

There is literally no other way around this. Contrary to popular ad campaigns that show a smiling person work in the garden, working with a chainsaw is a taxing job.

It’s best to skip the session entirely if you’re not physically prepared to handle the stress of the job, no matter how minute it might be.


Not every chainsaw can function optimally if weather conditions aren’t optimal, such as, it being too windy or drizzling.

Generally speaking, the best weather to work in is a sunny day with an open sky.


When working with pole chainsaws, it is highly recommended that you have the right gear on you at all times.

This includes, but is not limited to, wearing gloves, earpiece, goggles, and the appropriate clothing.

The main reason for all these is to keep you safe from the vibration that chainsaws are often subjected to and to prevent any small pieces of wood from finding their way onto your skin since they can pierce the epidermis pretty easily.


Choosing the right pole chainsaw is the best way to take command of things and make gardening easier.

If you already own any of the models mentioned above and have feedback, or have any type of general recommendation or suggestion, do share them in the comment section below!

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