Chainsaw Tips for Beginners in 2020

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Only the right tool can complete a cutting task successfully, like a chainsaw. Some people consider chainsaw a simple machine, but it is as complex of a tool as it gets.

Yes! I know you want perfect cutting, but do you know how to operate a chainsaw? We have some chainsaw tips for beginners that can help you operate it without any issue.

Chainsaw Tips for Beginners

A chainsaw is not just a single object; instead, it is a combination of several components and intricate mechanisms.

Therefore, learning How to cut with a chainsaw is essential, but you must know its parts before cutting. A brief knowledge of the chainsaw parts and the tips for using them are enough for beginners, so let’s explore them.

Handling Safety Locks

A chainsaw often has a throttle lock on its handle. You have to press this lock to reduce the power of the saw. Consequently, you will be safe from any harm.

A Stop Control Switch

Another component of the chainsaw is a stop control switch that will help you manage the saw’s power system.

Press the stop control button to stop the motor after completing the task. You can also use this tool during an accident. You can find this switch at the edge of the throttle lock.

Oil Reservoir

You have to fill the reservoir with oil so that the bar and chain continuously get oiling. Advanced chainsaws have an automatic oiling mechanism.

However, you will have to buy the oil separately. You will find the oil tank on the left side of the saw. Make sure to put the cap after filling the tank with oil, or the tank will start leaking.

The Power Cord

The electric chainsaw includes a power cord. Make sure that it is durable and does not heat up during a lengthy operation.

If the wire gets any cut, cover it with adhesive tape or replace it with a new one.

Chain Brake

Brake is an essential part of the chainsaw. To stop the chain roaming, you will have to pull the brake. Moreover, the brake will prevent any accidents, making you safe from severe injuries.

A Guide Bar

The guide bar enhances the performance of a chainsaw and holds the chain. You will see the chain revolving around the bar while cutting. You have to lubricate the bar to enhance the chain’s performance.

Understand Your Skills

If you are not confident with the chainsaw, don’t use it, and get some professional training. However, an absolute starter should use a lightweight chainsaw as it is easy to control.

Start with small jobs like pruning small branches or other such tasks.

You can buy a Husqvarna chainsaw because it is suitable for beginners and homeowners. You can cut firewood or thin logs because Husqvarna chainsaw is user-friendly.

But, you must have a robust chainsaw for a big and powerful job.

Before Cutting

The chainsaw tips and tricks will benefit you a lot, but check the chainsaw’s condition before cutting anything. Try to follow the below guidelines before using the chainsaw:

  • All components must be well-lubricated.
  • The blade teeth should be sharp.
  • The chain of the saw must have accurate tension.
  • All locks and safety parts should work.
  • All chainsaw parts should be firm.

Examine Your Work Area

Try to work in a place that is away from a crowd or other objects. Keep kids away while working in the garden area.

While cutting a tall tree, ensure that you won’t get any debris falling on you. A warm or cold-starting position is suitable when you start cutting. Whereas, a drop-starting position may cause a severe accident.

Monitor the Kickback

Kickbacks are very common while cutting with chainsaws, and they are always unpredictable. You may face a kickback due to a loose chain.

It also happens when a tangible thing gets in contact with the bar nose. Advanced chainsaws have built-in handguards to prevent accidents due to kickbacks.

Here are a few tips for reducing the kickback:

Start Safely

According to professional loggers, there are two methods to start a chainsaw correctly. You can place the saw on the ground, or you can hold it between the legs.

The chainsaw tips for beginners also include some techniques to cold-start a chainsaw, such as:

Safe Operation

  • Ensure to decompress the handle
  • Activate the chain brake
  • Trigger the choke
  • The right hand must be on the rear handle. However, have a firm grip on the front handle with the left hand. In case the saw is in your legs, the back handle should be between the thighs. You must hold the front handle with the left hand.
  • Use your right hand to start the engine by pulling the starter handle.
  • Then release the brake after pushing and pulling the choke.

However, the above chainsaw techniques may slightly vary depending on the chainsaw’s brand.

How to Hold a Saw

Don’t be a superman in the beginning by holding the saw with one hand. Hold it with both hands and ensure that the saw is near you.

Don’t try to change your position until you turn off the engine. Likewise, don’t adjust the chain when the chainsaw is running.

Initially, work in intervals by taking pauses, as it will prevent you from tiring yourself and by extension, from accidents. Always cut when you are calm because the stress can affect the cutting process.

Chainsaw tips for beginners

Adopt Good Cutting Habits

How to use a chainsaw depends on your cutting habits. Ensure that the chainsaw is steady while cutting. Don’t cut any wood that is above your shoulders.

You can’t cut at wrong angles because the chainsaws are often heavy. You must avoid cutting the high branches if you can’t reach them easily.

Chainsaw Maintenance

By maintaining a chainsaw, you can use it for years. The saw will remain functional with regular maintenance, so let’s see how to do it:

  • Ensure that there is no dust on the air filter and chain brake. A dusty component can hinder the cutting process.
  • Make sure the guide bar is clean.
  • Don’t forget to lubricate the holes. Moreover, all parts of the chainsaw should be in the right place.
  • Make sure the chain is sharp and lubricated. The auto-tension mechanism keeps the chain well-balanced.
  • Always use high-quality oil for lubrication.

Prefer the Safety Gear

You can save your entire body by following the chainsaw tips for beginners.     Though it is necessary to understand the safety components, your own safety gears are also essential. 

Even if you are a careful user, a chainsaw may hurt you at any time.

The right gears may reduce major incidents. Hence, don’t depend on chances and wear safety equipment. So, let’s explore them below:

Safety Glasses: you will have to face the dust while cutting wood. Dust also contains chunks that can get into your eyes, badly hurting them.

Even too much sawdust can cause an allergy. You should wear glasses to save your eyes.

Wear A Helmet: this is as important as glasses because the kickbacks can hurt your head while cutting logs.

You would often see loggers with helmets because a head injury is fatal. So, buy a nice helmet if you are going to use a chainsaw for long.

You can use the Husqvarna’s helmet because it is lightweight and well-ventilated. This helmet has a neck guard and sun peak. Besides, it will protect your ears from harsh noise.

Wear Gloves: The hands get wet during a cutting task because of sweating. You can’t cut appropriately with wet hands as the handle can slip, resulting in an accident.

Wear gloves so you can easily control a throttle. Only a firm grip can enhance cutting.

Dress Right: You should avoid a shirt with short sleeves because the wood chunks can hurt your arms. Try to wear a shirt or t-shirt with long sleeves. Special gears are also available in the market.

Avoid Ordinary Shoes: always wear heavy-duty shoes because they are waterproof and can withstand the wear and tear during a task.

While cutting trees, you may face severe weather conditions, and the leather boots can protect you in this regard. Such boots can resist the cuts, and they are not slippery. The toe caps also enhance safety.

Get The Chainsaw Chaps: chaps are easily available in the market for all chainsaw users. These are trousers made of thick material and can protect the lower body while cutting thick logs.

These trousers are breathable; moreover, the ergonomic zippers help you adjust them.

Wear Special Jackets

Like chaps, chainsaw jackets are also available, which are light and durable. Be it the sawdust, wood chunks, or a broken chain; nothing can harm your body if you wear the right clothes.

Make sure the clothes are loose because the tight clothes will make you uneasy while cutting. The purpose of the chainsaw gears is to provide you the maximum comfort while cutting.

Use Earmuffs

Don’t forget your ears and use earmuffs to protect your ears from the deafening noise chainsaws tend to create. Earmuffs are especially essential if you don’t have a protective helmet.

The above chainsaw tips for beginners are beneficial, but you still must consider the task before cutting something. Be alert while cutting, and never lose your focus at any point.

When you get tired, turn off the saw and rest for a while, drink some fresh juice and after being invigorated, start again.

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