The Best Chainsaws for Women

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In today’s world, the art of using chainsaws isn’t reserved for men anymore. And as more and more women enter the domain, it is necessary to provide them with all the necessary information they need to master this highly empowering skill.

So with that said, if you are a woman looking to learn about the complexities surrounding the use of chainsaws, look no further because this article will cover every aspect relating to the subject in detail.

What technical aspects to look for in a chainsaw built specifically for women?

Of course, when scouting for options there are various technical factors to consider as well.

These can range from the exterior built of the chainsaw to its interior functioning to figure out which one fits your needs best.

Best chainsaws for women

1. Safety and Kickback

To start off, when picking out a chainsaw, a crucial feature to look for is that of a low kickback. If you don’t know what kickback is, you’re in for a shock.

Chainsaw kickback is a term commonly used to describe the deadly phenomenon that occurs when a chain cuts very deeply into the fiber of the wood and gets pinched, resulting in a rotational inertia that bounces the chain back at the person operating it with tremendous speed and force.

It is potentially fatal in many case and an overall dangerous risk that comes with the use of chainsaws.

Now fortunately, a large chunk of chainsaw manufacturers have already devised chainsaw systems that are in place to minimize kickback.

But it is still an important factor to consider when looking for a chainsaw.

To minimize the risk of such an extremity, it is extremely important that you settle for a model that comes with a low- kickback chain preinstalled from its manufacturing factory.

Now low kickback chains are known to use special bumper links between their tie straps, to limit the amount of bite that the chain has.

In addition, anti-kickback chain brakes are also an essential feature to look for, that are designed to automatically activate through inertia alone once the chainsaw bounces back.

These brakes can also be manually activated them by the forward push of the handle with the operators forearm.

2. Ergonomics

Next, a lighter chainsaw is comparatively way easier to move around, but you will also have to consider its ergonomics coupled with its decreased weight.

Ergonomics essentially refers to the way the chainsaw feels in your hands as well as how it affects your bodily posture while you cut wood.

This includes the handlebar position, the overall shape of the chainsaw, and the grip design all of which contribute to the comfort that you may feel when handling a chainsaw.

So make sure there is enough space between the rear and front grips of your chainsaw allowing for you to maintain a firm hold on it and enabling you to counter the possibility of a kickback.

Furthermore, you should also make sure that there is enough foam and rubber padding handlebars grip so your hands won’t get cold while chopping up firewood in the winters.

And lastly, you would have way better prospects if you were to focus on features such as a smaller bar focusing the bulk of the weight between the grips of your hands so you can easily move the saw around while operating it.

This will essentially help you achieve cleaner cuts, and prevent you from tiring out quickly.

3. Weight and size

Another very important factor to consider is quite obviously the size and weight of the machine. Chainsaws are known to be quite heavy due to their strong built and heavy machine parts.

So naturally it is quite difficult to be able to yield one, even if you encompass a lot of muscular strength.

Since men tend to be capable to lifting heavier objects due to their inherently higher physical strength, a chainsaw made for their use will automatically be heavier.

In contrast, ones intended for female use are slightly lighter in weight and smaller in size. So that even if women lack in the areas of physical strength, they don’t have to compromise on the skills relating to chainsaws.  

For example, for the purposes of pruning and trimming of ornamental and fruit trees in your orchard, you will not need a bar that is longer than 10 inches.

And as for your occasional firewood cutting, you can step up to somewhere between a 14 inch and 16 inch bar size.

And allotting too much focus on chain speed along with other technical aspects as the motor amp rating etc. can deter you from your primary cause of concern surrounding the ease of maneuverability.

Find out more about compact chainsaws here:

4. Job requirement

Now before you set your sights on a chainsaw, ask yourself. Why is it exactly that you need a chainsaw? What job do you seek to fulfill from it?

Then, depending on the job specifications, decide on your ideal chainsaw. Maybe the work is minimal and requires only a small electric or battery powered chainsaw that has a bar between 8 to 16 inches, and you buy a heavy duty chainsaw that is between 16 inches and 18 inches and quite is ill-suited to the task at hand.

Wouldn’t that be an absolute waste of your time and money? Because we can agree that a chainsaw can be pretty heavy on the wallet.

And there is no point in buying an extremely expensive unit when you may not even need all that power.

So unless you intend on felling large hardwood trees like those of oak, hickory, and cherry, etc. there absolutely no need for you to get worried about power.

Most of the decent cordless chainsaws out there encompass more than enough power for your occasional firewood cutting needs.

Because with more power, you obviously have to yield more amount of weight owed mainly to a larger motor.

And your focus ultimately should be on maximizing efficiency coupled with easy maneuverability.

5. Battery Life

Last but not the least, we have the battery life of the chainsaw. Now before you purchase a cordless chainsaw, make sure to check the specifications sheet stating its battery type.

Here, keep any eye out that anything other than lithium ion is an absolute no-go. These specific batteries are known to boast higher energy density and further don’t suffer from memory effect as much as their alternatives like those of NiCad i.e. nickel cadmium and NiMH i.e. nickel metal hydride.

Furthermore, try not to be misled by the Voltage ratings of batteries, where your main focus should lie on is the Ampere- hour rating.

This means that a 3.0 Ah battery can supply a steady 3 ampere constant stream of current for up to 1 hour before completely running out of charge whereas one with a 5.0 Ampere-hour rated battery can supply up to 5 amps of current for one hour resulting in the chainsaw running much longer on a single charge.

Find out more about chainsaw batteries here:

So with these features in mind, let’s dive into these reviews that I’ve compiled for the top 10 chainsaws compatible with women’s use.




Kicking off, we will start with this battery powered machine. This 12-inch cordless all electric chainsaw provides 40V of power and extended runtime.

It’s a small and convenient machine perfect for beginners who are not looking to yield a very high powered chainsaw.

With that said, this chainsaw is the ideal fit for the purposes of pruning, chiseling and carving wood and an overall great option to scout for DIY homeowners as well as recreationalists.

Now this chainsaw delivers smooth and fast cuts to heavy stock and within a very small runtime, you will be able to execute efficient cutting.

The chainsaw also boasts an interchangeable battery system so that if you harbor any other Black and Decker tools, you will easily be able to change out the batteries and get your machine a fresh charge quickly.

Next, this machine is also very safe in terms of its low-kickback bar and inbuilt chain that comes with too free tension adjustment.

Its manufacturers also added the extra safety feature of a front hand guard and a lock-off button.

The saw is extremely easy to start with the simple press of the throttle lock off and the pull of a trigger.

Once this is done, the average user can start operating it with confidence within just 15 to 20 minutes.

Also, if you’re one of my noise averse friends out there, this chainsaw is also one of the quietest models in the market. It’s so quiet not even your vacuum cleaner can’t beat it in terms of sound.

Furthermore, this Black and Decker chainsaw is incredibly easy to operate on low duty tasks and will be more suited to the needs of a beginner.

And owing to its lightweight and relatively compact shape and size, it will also suit the statistically smaller build of most women.

In addition to this, its ergonomic handle is the cherry on top. Recurrently using this chainsaw won’t wear it out making this one worthy investment.

But because it is one of best ones in the market, it is also one of the pricier options out there and isn’t as robust as other commercial grade saws.

Another drawback here is that it requires its bar to be oiled manually. However, the chainsaws quality is justification enough for its higher price.

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2. Oregon CS1500

Oregon CS1500

Up next we have this model that is one of the heaviest chainsaws on this list weighing about 13 lbs in total. But don’t be misled by its heaviness.

This chainsaw encompasses extremely high cutting power and goes highly recommended if the weight factor doesn’t bother you.

Next, it also includes an 18 inch guide bar and a PowerSharp chain.

Now this self-sharpening chain makes the model minimize its downtime by allowing you to sharpen the chain right there on the saw in less than 3 seconds without having to stop working and taking the machine apart.

In addition to this, this chainsaw comes fully equipped with a built in chain brake for added safety and also has a tool-less chain tension system.

This is helpful since it eliminates the need for you to pause work and look for the right tool, and is capable of tightening the chain all by itself. Talk about convenience, am I right?

Furthermore, this model boasts efficiency with its instant start capability that allows you to get right to work without any delay.

In addition, it also comes with a built in Lubri-Tec oiling system that oils the machine automatically reducing chain friction as well as increasing the machines run time.

There is however a slight downside to this model. The chain teeth have been reported to snag from time to time and jump off chainsaw.

This can be eliminated once you learn how to properly feather the models throttle, but you’re certainly expected to face this problem more if you’re a beginner. 

Now coming on to the power capacity. This chainsaw is among the bests when it comes to its 15 amps of power making it considerably stronger as compared to many of its alternatives.

It is the closest model we have to the power of a 16 inch gas powered chainsaw which is frankly very impressive for an electric chainsaw.

In fact it is so strong it can bring down entire trees into firewood rather than just removing their limbs.

In a test trial, this chainsaw was easily able to cut through various different types of trees that were up to 17 inches thick in diameter.

All these benefits make the Oregan CS1500 a very worthy investment for any woman out there who is serious about getting into the art of chainsaws.

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3. WORX WG305


Further down the list we have this model by Worx that is a little on the lighter side of the scale weighing in at less than 10 lbs so as to never tire you after an hours use.

With this model, WORX really made safety their number one priority of by offering very little amount of kickback.

This property coupled with the chain brake system of this model has potentially positioned it as a life saver.

And to take you safety even further, this model requires you to engage a safety lock before starting it thus preventing an accidental powering on.

Now this is also one of the low maintenance models making it a more affordable piece of equipment more suitable to the needs of users that are on a budget.

And if you’re a woman that’s just starting out as a beginner, this model will be a perfect fit for you.

Another great feature here is that the chains of this chainsaw are equipped to automatically oil themselves saving you a lot of time and effort.

In addition to which, this unit also comes with an inbuilt tensioning lever in order to keep the tool operating with minimal use on the part of the user.

Talking in terms of power, this model is not among the most powerful ones out there. But it does offer moderate amounts of power enough to cut through limbs having average thickness.

It encompasses an 8 Amp motor that is not suited to cutting trees down and is therefore best suited for the use of beginners.

With that said however, this model is not among the most durable ones in the market. If you plan to purchase a chainsaw that will last you a while, your money is best put on perhaps a sturdier model.

But if your ultimate goal is to use your chainsaw only recreationally every once in a while, this model is the one to invest in.

And as for our environmentalist followers out there, this model also offers zero emissions being an electric saw.

Furthermore, this piece of equipment is also an extremely affordable option that will be great for those of you women out there who are on a restrictive budget.

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4. EGO Power+ CS1401

EGO Power+ CS1401

Next on our list we have this high speed EGO power model that harbors an rpm of 6800 and a bar length of 14 inches. With this one, you’ll be able to finish an hours’ worth of wood cutting in just half the time.

Another feature that the models exhibits is a chain kickback brake that helps limit kickback to as low as possible.

And as long as we’re on the subject of chains, this model also has a chain tension adjustment system that is completely automatic and does not require any manual work.

Now what we really like about this model is its water resistant construction. You never know when you might have to leave your chainsaw out in the yard, and in the case that it rains you have nothing to worry about with this one.

This model is most suitable for cutting logs with a maximum cut diameter of 14 inches and encompasses quite a lot of power for a lightweight chainsaw.

This factor makes it very suitable for users that are both female and just starting out.

Speaking in terms of safety provision, this saw provides a low kickback chain design that complies with the standards of ansib175.1 all coupled with a reversible bar.

This model is through and through all about convenience.

It is further battery powered with a charge time of only 40 minutes coupled with a powerful 56V motor that’s sure to deliver the smoothest cutting experience.

And the ergonomic grip is really the icing on top allowing for you to further enhance your ability to maximize cutting efficiency.

Furthermore, this Ego Power model has plenty to offer those of you that are on a budget.

So for women that want a piece of equipment that is affordable as it has capacity and is not very heavy weight, this piece of equipment right here is a very worthy investment.

One downside to this chainsaw is that is doesn’t promise the best battery life. This is especially true when you’re using this model to cut heavy tree trunks with wide diameters that induce more stress on the chainsaw chain.

But other than that this model is quite durable in terms of endurance as long as the work is not heavy duty and does not make a lot of noise while you’re at it.

These factors have made it a little low powered than its alternatives in the market, but it is still a good investment in our opinion.

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5. Tanaka TCS33EDTP

Tanaka TCS33EDTP

At number five we have placed this 12-Inch top handle chain saw that boasts efficacy with ever function.

First off, this machine comes with a 32.2cc commercial grade pure fire engine that is bent on providing a clean and powerful performance with the minimum amount of fuel consumption.

So only a little fuel will go a long way when it comes to cutting and will save you extra costs.

Now the Tanaka chainsaw is a great option for women who are serious about getting into the whole skill of using chainsaws.

This is because it features a quite powerful motor that can easily cut through thick diameters and is well fitted for hardwood cutting.

It also features an easy to maintain design along with a huge cut capacity well suited for cutting tougher materials.

Next, this model comes equipped with a half throttle choke with an inbuilt purge primer bulb used to easily start and warm up the chainsaw.

In addition to its long list of benefits, this particular model also inhabits an automatic gear-driven oiler coupled also with a side access chain tension system that promises to provide fast and convenient chain adjustment so you won’t have to get your hands dirty.

Furthermore, Oregon’s built in sprocket nose bar with the chain provides ease of cuts with its added control options.

On top of which the model also features an easy to start button allowing instant activation.

And catch this! This chainsaw version comes with a 7 year consumer, 2 year commercial as well as a 1 year rental warranty. And that is quite a onetime deal if you ask us.

With that said, this model is one of the more costly ones out there. But if you’re looking for a one time investment that is both durable and powerful, this is it.

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Another great model on our list is this cordless electric chainsaw that comes with a low kick back 12 inch bar length and chain bet suitable for purposes of construction and outdoor activities.

Now this model comes in a compact and lightweight design weighing about 9 lbs. with a battery included.

This highly efficient machine harbors a brushless motor that maximizes runtime and has quite a long motor life. Safe to say, this model will last you quite some time in terms of durability.

In terms of safety, this model encompasses an electronic throttle lock off switch that needs to be depressed along with the trigger in order for the chainsaw to start spinning its chain.

In addition to this, it also has a chain brake system to keep you out of harm’s way.

To take matters further, this machine can deliver up to 90 cuts per charge using a 20V Max 5Ah battery on even 4×4 pressure treated wood.

Now if you’re not well versed in technical jargon, just know that this is a lot of power.

This model can also further limb a 20 to 40 foot long hardwood tree within only one charge of its 20V MAX 4.0Ah lithium ion battery.

And it is also lubricated by a fixed speed automatic oiler saving you the trouble and time of manually doing so.

Furthermore, this Dewalt chainsaw provides tool-free chain tensioning adjustment as well as a bar tightening knob for a more proper bar clamping force.

All these low maintenance added perks make this model great for DIY enthusiasts and construction crews.

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7. Greenworks 20232

Greenworks 20232

 Another great option of chainsaws built for women’s needs is this Greenworks corded model that harbors a 12 amp electric motor delivering powerful cutting performance with every slit.

It also has a 16-Inch bar and chain that rips right through limbs with ease and has a tool-Less chain tensioning system for quick and effortless adjustments so you can focus your energies on the job and not maintenance.

In terms of comfort, this model has a wraparound handle that is sure to provide you ease while clearing debris.

In addition, its metal bucking spikes also provides added grip if you are looking to fell a tree.

It also further has low weight therefor making it easier to yield for most women users.

However in comparison to others in the market, this chainsaw isn’t nearly as maneuverable and also not quite as powerful as some of its alternates.

And this product is more suited to hedging tasks than it is for felling hardwood trees.

But if you’re a DIY enthusiast looking for light duty work to obtain from this model, it is certainly the right pick for you.

Its cord is however bound to limit the maneuverability that you get with this product since you need an outlet to get it to start.

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8. Makita XCU03Z

Makita XCU03Z

This next Makita model is a powerful tool that comes equipped with an enormous cut capacity.

So with the help of this one, you’ll be able to work without hindrance for prolonged periods of time on various kinds of stock.

In addition, its outer rotor BL brushless motor with its direct-drive system provides you with high power efficiency that is the equivalent of a 32cc gas chain saw.

Furthermore, it also harbors a variable speed trigger (0-3, 940 FPM) for smooth and easy operation.

Another great feature to note here is the models built-in L.E.D.

On/off switch coupled with an auto power-off function that allows you to automatically shut the saw off when you’re on a break from work for an extended battery life.

This in addition to its two 18V LXT Lithium-Ion batteries allows for the chainsaw to deliver great power and performance throughout.

In regards to safety, this model has a built-in lock-off lever that helps prevent the chain blade from accidentally engaging and causing injuries.

Lastly, this model also comes with a dependable two-year warranty. It is known to be however, quite expensive for its given perks.

But for women that are looking for a good combination of maneuverability and power and do not care much for price, this is the saw to go with.

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9. Sun Joe SWJ599E

Sun Joe SWJ599E

Coming further down the list we have this versatile electric model that is known to be most ideal for the trimming and pruning of branches and limbs.

Now what we like here is that this model comes with a safety switch which promises to protect you against accidental starts and injuries.

In addition, the model is also lined with an auto-oiler that saves you the hassle of manual oiling time and again and comes with a window to gauge the oil levels that lubricate both the chain and bas.

Talking in terms of power, this chainsaw derives power from a 9 am motor that allows for it to easily cut through branches that can be up to 13 inch thick.

Furthermore seeing as though this is designed mainly for home owners and DIY users, it is not bulky, and weighs only about 7.7 pounds.

In addition to these factors, this model also features a kickback brake function so as to prevent kickback accidents.

This chainsaw does however come with a cord, and cannot be used remotely therefore its usage is very limited to places that have a power outlet. 

But with that said, as far as electric chainsaws come, this model is among one of the bests. It is pretty powerful without being too heavy on the arms and is quite easy to maneuver.

All these factors make is perfect for the use of most female users.

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10. Ladyiok 62CC

Ladyiok 62CC Chainsaw

Last on the list, we have this powerful 62cc and 3.5 horsepower gas powered chainsaw packed with a 2-cycle engine that delivers constantly steady power to the 20-inch bar.

The engine speed can also range up to 8500 rpm that can easily cut through 10 inch thick wood.

And despite the model having a large fuel tank that can hold up to 260 ml of oil, it is quite lightweight weighing only 7.5 kg owing to its plastic construction.

Next, this model also provides very low-kickback with its professional high quality and imported gasoline chain that exhibits good ear resistance and simultaneously reduces fuel consumption for up to 20%.

This makes this model cost effective as well safe for beginner use.

In addition to its other chain related benefits, this model also harbors a super air filter system as well as an automatic chain oiler that adds to the overall life of the chainsaw making its service life 5x more than that of an ordinary chain.

And if you despise assembling machinery like most everyone, this machine saves you the hassle of doing so as it comes pre-assembled.

It is further also extremely low on noise, and is silent between cuts so you won’t be having any of those neighbor complaining either. 

The models ergonomic design coupled with its slip-free handles and safety valve throttle switch make it an extremely maneuverable, and comfortable piece of equipment to operate and also adds to the overall safety that is provides.

Overall this gas chainsaw is perfect for women that are looking for a less bulky and powerful gas chainsaw.

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Q. What kind of a chainsaw should I look for?

If you’re a woman that doesn’t want to spend excessive time maintaining your chainsaw, we would recommend that you look into buying a cordless model.

In doing so, also make sure to look for chainsaws that come with a tool-less chain tension adjustment, as these will allow you to easily tighten the chain by twisting the knob on the side cover.

Furthermore, keep an eye out for large bar oil caps in your chainsaws as these are best suited for easy oil refills on the field.

Another convenient feature to look for here is transparent windows made for oil level view which will allow you to keep an eye on the bar oil levels, so you will know exactly when a refill is needed and won’t burn up the chain by accidentally running it dry.

Also while we’re on the same subject, some cordless chainsaws come with battery packs that have built- in LED gauges showing you the charge levels in real time, like those on your phone battery bar and these come highly recommended.

Q. Which is better? An electric or Gas Chainsaw?

An electric motor will provide you with multiple advantages over that of an internal combustion engine.

Firstly, you will get an instantaneous torque upon use which will be extremely helpful while cutting through very fibrous wood.

In addition to this, the chain will also not get bogged down instantly upon impact allowing you to deliver smoother cuts upon entry which will ultimately result in a straighter line through the cross section of the log.

Another benefit you will get from an electric chainsaw is that its throttle response will be instantaneous unlike that of a gas engine as that requires a couple of milliseconds to completely rev up before entering the power band.

And lastly, you are also much less likely to suffer from the hand arm vibration syndrome that comes with the use of chainsaws, and this is especially great since this syndrome is a big health hazard.

Conventional gas chainsaws are extraordinarily loud and you have to deal with the difficult maintenance which may include cleaning its chain and bar, replacing the spark plug time and again, and regularly cleaning its air filter.

In contrast, the only bit of maintenance required with an electric chainsaw is at the time of refilling the bar oil or while adjusting its chain tension.

Electric chainsaws on the other hand will not die even if you leave them covered in dust sitting in the garage for a year, as there is no carburetor at danger of being clogged.

So with all that said, I think is clear that an electric chainsaw wins by a landslide in comparison to a gas one and that is what you should consider investing in at the end of the day.  


After this detailed analysis of a range of chainsaws, we are sure you will have no problem choosing one that fits your requirements best.

Whether it is a budget friendly option or a lightweight and sturdy model, this article is enough to answer all of your questions and bring you up to speed regarding everything you need to know about chainsaws.

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